What is on TV Acid in the Face
Date: 18-5-2011, Author: S. Ramasray

What’s on TV: Acid in the Face
Do the writers of ‘American Dad’ lack taste or are they actually more political savvy then
most of us think?

Screenshot of Francine

The American Dad episode where Francine got acid poured in her face left a bad feeling in
my stomach. Comedians are allowed to have a ‘dark’ sense of humor.
So I am not bitching on Seth MacFarlane or the writers of American Dad.
The joke itself was only mildly funny.

Women in Muslim countries actually run the risk of having acid poured in their face by
their husbands or family. That’s why I didn’t like the joke.
I have simply seen too many photos of disfigured Muslim women.
The pictures are awful to see, but they must be shown to the world.
And wasn’t it only recently that a Time Magazine photo of an Afghani women that had her
face disfigured got a price?

The American dad episode did not make any political statement about this sad practice.
They didn’t mention any of this. Shouldn’t the writers at least mention this fact?
Wasn’t it their responsibility to weave this into the story?
Or was the fact that they didn’t explicitly mention any of this that made this episode so brilliant.
Explicitly referencing this act would create an outrage from political groups and
women’s rights groups. It would only create bad publicity for the show.
They would hate the writers for using this act as source material for their cartoon.
So are the writers of American Dad really that clever?

Nobody likes to be lectured.
No one wants to hear a Mr. Macky say: “Pouring acid in a woman’s face is bad, makay”.
The writers of American Dad know that nobody likes to be lectured by a cartoon.
People read the news, they already know about this practice and this episode was a ‘light’ way
of making a point.

The Flip
Or maybe the writers of American Dad really are dumb ass Hill Billy red necks that simply wanted
a shocking joke in the episode. And maybe I am reading WAY TOO MUCH into this episode.
Either way, it’s good that I started watching American Dad again.
The episode itself was actually written quite well. It had a nice story flow.
I loved how they ripped on ‘The Office’ by making the first part of the story in the style of
‘The Office’.

Sailesh Ramasray
Founder / Developer BizFusion