Excel is like a Cockroach
Date: 22-8-2011, Author: S. Ramasray

Excel is like a Cockroach

BizFusion has always said that it’s a bad idea to do your accounting in Excel.
We have written various blog posts on this subject.
Take a look at the following articles:
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We are not the only ones that are telling people to stop using Excel Sheets
to do their accounting. Our competitors have also written extensively on the subject.
We are all verbally trying to kill Excel with every article that we post.
But the simple fact remains that Excel keeps on kicking.

Excel is a like a mutant cockroach, you can stomp on this cockroach, but it simply keeps
on going. Excel has a certain allure on freelancers and starting entrepreneurs.
It’s the tool that they’ve known for ages and they feel very comfortable using it.
Some of our competitors say that the shoebox is their biggest competitor, but we
are of the opinion that Excel is the new shoebox.

Excel is the biggest enemy of online accounting systems, not the shoebox.
That’s why we continue our crusade against bookkeeping in Excel.

Sailesh Ramasray
Founder / Developer BizFusion

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