BizFusion Q1 2012
Date: 9-4-2012, Author: S. Ramasray

BizFusion Q1 2012

We look back at the exciting first quarter of 2012 in this blog post.

At BizFusion, we’re constantly developing new features and helping new users get started
with our software. This often doesn’t give us the time to stop and reflect on what we have
already accomplished. That’s why we’re going to start doing a blog post every quarter to
look at what we accomplished in the previous months and where we think we can win in the
months ahead.

Best Choice Award
BizFusion was named the “best choice” among business/accounting software for Dutch freelancers
in the April issue of PCM magazine (Dutch language magazine). That was an awesome moment!
There has been very little written about BizFusion, so it was nice to see that we got some exposure.
And there’s no better exposure than winning a best choice award.

- PCM Best Choice (the linked post is in Dutch)

Web Shop Module
The new year started with a bang! We released our Web Shop Module in January of this year.
This makes BizFusion a true one stop solution for entrepreneurs that want to start a web shop.
A couple of weeks later, we added the ability to sell “digital products” in your shop.
So musicians can now sell their digital ear candy by using our web shop module.
But the digital products feature isn’t only geared towards them. Authors, comic book artists and
software developers can also use these features to sell their digital creations online.

- Self Publishing Geeks
- Web Shop for Music Artists and Record Labels
- Software Developers should also use our Web Shop Module

Application Programming Interface (API)
BizFusion is also starting to grab the attention of larger companies. These companies have existing
systems/products that they want to integrate with BizFusion and that’s where our API comes in.
We finally released our API in March of 2012. We’ve been developing our API for quite some time
and we’re really happy that we can finally share it with everyone. The API is part of a larger effort
to build a developer community around BizFusion. That’s why we’ve started courting third party
developers in our blog posts.

- An API should let a Thousand Flowers Bloom
- The Love Letter to Third Party Developers

Quick Tips
BizFusion users like our tutorials, it’s one of our prime selling features.
But sometimes we have a quick tip that we want to share and writing a whole tutorial around those
tips seems overkill. That’s why we created a “quick tips” section on our blog.
The initial reaction to these tips has been good and we will continue to do more of them in the

We love doing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and we’ve continued writing marketing
material on our blog. We know that this marketing material isn’t very interesting to existing
users that have already signed up for BizFusion, that’s why we created a “marketing” section on
our blog were we place all our SEO and SEM material. Most BizFusion users find us through a
Google search, so we will continue writing relevant material that will help users find their
way towards our offerings.

The Future
BizFusion has grown into more than just an accounting package. It has become a one stop
business solution for freelancers and small businesses. We started out courting small businesses,
but we’re getting the attention of larger companies as well. Reading through our own blog and
looking at the features that we released over the past few years, we can certainly be proud of
what we’ve accomplished with the little resources that we have.

But that doesn’t mean that we can sit on our laurels and watch our user base grow.
No, the business software space is becoming increasingly more crowded and there will be an
inevitable shake out of players.

- All Accounting Systems look the Same
- Race to the Bottom

Wrap Up
It’s always good to reflect on past achievements. It keeps your spirits up and gives you an extra
drive to keep pushing forward. There are more exciting things to come in the months ahead.
We hope you will join us on the journey there. As always, keep sending us your feedback.
We love to hear from our users.

We hope you liked our first “State of the Union” on all things BizFusion.

Sailesh Ramasray
Founder / Developer BizFusion

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