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Export Accounting

You can easily create an export of your accounting data.
The export is a ZIP file that contains the following items:

1. The Balance
2. The Profit and Loss Statement
3. The Journal

These three reports are the core of your accounting data.
You can view these three reports as a summary of your accounting.

You can optionally add the following items to your export:
- Customers
- Products
- Product Groups
- Brands
- VAT Statements
- Invoices

Generating an Export File takes longer if you include these items.

You will always see a progress bar while the Export File is generated.

NOTE: it takes 5 to 10 minutes to generate the Export File.
You will always see a progress bar during this process.
Afterwards, a ZIP file will be ready for download.
This file will be made available for 10 minutes.

The Balance and Profit and Loss Statement are web pages that you can simply view in your browser.
The other files are CSV files.

CSV files are text files that you can open in a program like:
Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.

The CSV data can be imported in other systems.
This requires a bit of knowledge/experience, so it's best to hire a programmer for that.

Export XAF: XML Audit File

XAF stands for "XML Audit File".
This is a format that was developed by the Dutch Tax Agency
to enable the exchange of accounting data.
A XAF File is a summary of your accounting in XML format.

During a tax audit, the auditor will ask you for a XAF file.
The auditor can import this file into his own application.
The auditor can use that application to automatically perform checks on your accounting data.

An audit is never fun, but you will come across as a professional when you can
effortlessly produce a XAF File.
Obviously, you can expect more questions from the auditor, but
the biggest obstacle -supplying the data- has been removed thanks to the XAF File.

NOTE: generating the XAF File can take several minutes.
A progress bar is always shown during the file generation.
Afterwards, you have 10 minutes to download the XAF file.

Export Other Data

But how do I export a list of e.g. my purchase invoices or my expense vouchers?

There's an "Export" link underneath every list in BizFusion that you can use
to export your data.

A progress bar is shown during the data export.
Afterwards, an Export File will be made available for you.
You will have 10 minutes to download the file.

The export consists of a CSV file.
You can open this file in a program like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.