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Data Import

You can import data from other systems in BizFusion.
BizFusion expects CSV files that use a ";" as the separator character.
The system also assumes that all numbers and dates are in English format.

You can import CSV files for the following records:
- Customers
- Products
- Stock Vouchers
- Purchase Orders
- and Sales Invoices

Contact support if you need help with importing your data!

CSV File

Go to: 'Setup > Import Data' to import your CSV files.
You can also consult the expected CSV format of the records there.

Your CSV files must meet the following generic conditions:

- The first line should contain the CSV header.
- Values should be separated by the ';' character.
- Dates are in format: YYYY-MM-DD
- Numbers are in format: 123.45 (English format)

CSV Example

Here's an example of a CSV file for Purchase Orders.
We've added the record headers to clarify the data.
The record headers are on line 1, 3 and 8.
The record headers are not required, and you can leave them out.

PIH;2016-12-31;info@bizfusion.nl;Test CSV Import
PIL;Playstation 4;2;125;Hoog;21;
PIL;Destiny (PS4);4;59;Hoog;21;
PIL;XBox 360;1;49;Hoog;21;
PIL;SF4 T-Shirt;1;10;Hoog;21;T-Shirt Size=XL|SF4 Shirt Color=Red

Row types
- PIH = Purchase Invoice Header, this starts the import of a new purchase invoice.
- PIL = Purchase Invoice Line, this is a detail line on the purchase invoice.
- PAY = Payment, this is a payment on the purchase invoice.

Furthermore, there are a couple of things to consider when you import sales and purchase orders.
- A CSV file can contain multiple orders.
- The products on orders should already exist in the database.
- The VAT names and percentages should already exist in the database.

This example also contains a product that's available in multiple variants: "SF4 T-Shirt".
The chosen variant is specified in the following way: "T-Shirt Size=XL|SF4 Shirt Color=Red".
In general, this information is specified in the following way: "Option1=Value1|Option2=Value2|Option3=Value3" etc.

Web Shops

Note: BizFusion has plugins for popular national and international web shop platforms.
With these plugins, you can automatically import your data.