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Integrated Inventory System

BizFusion has an integrated inventory system.
This means that your inventory is automatically adjusted with every receive, shipment and return.
But that's not all, each inventory adjustment is also automatically posted to your accounting module.
This makes inventory management a complete no-brainer in BizFusion.

Start Stock

Not every company starts from scratch.
If you started your company with existing stock, then you need to register your start stock.
You use a Stock Voucher to register your start stock.

Go to: 'Product > Stock Voucher'

Example Stock Voucher


Your entire inventory is displayed in the inventory list.
Your inventory is automatically updated whenever you post a receive, shipment or return.

Go to: 'Products > Inventory' to see the inventory list.

Example Inventory List

Use the search box at the bottom of the list to search for a specific product.

Custom Stock

You also use stock vouchers to register stock that you create yourself.
Make sure that you set the voucher type to 'Custom Stock'.

Go to: 'Product > Stock Voucher'

Example Custom Stock Voucher

Note that you need to specify the product options when you select a product that
comes in different variations.

If you sell handcrafted products on sites like Etsy.com, then you will use this feature a lot.
But you're probably wondering what the price of your stock item should be.
You should specify zero as the price of your stock item.

If you buy a roll of cloth for creating e.g. bathing suits, then you will register the roll of cloth as
an expense. You therefore can't associate the bathing suits with a price/cost, because the costs
have already been registered on the expense voucher.
Specifying a cost on the stock voucher would result in double the costs when you sell the
bathing suits, and that's not correct.

Delete Stock

Damaged or stolen stock needs to be removed from your inventory list.
You use a 'Stock Delete Voucher' to remove stock items.

Go to: 'Products > Delete Stock'

Example of a Stock Delete Voucher

You can specify the following reasons when removing stock:
1. Correction
2. Damaged
3. Missing
4. Stolen