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You use the contacts module to register customers and customer groups.
Each debtor, creditor and employee is registered as a customer in BizFusion.
After that, you can create sales and purchase invoices for your customers/contacts.

Go to: 'Contacts > Customer'

Example Customer Record

Your Company

You will notice that your customer list contains a customer called: 'Your Company'.
This customer record was created when you registered for BizFusion.
We recommend that you update this record with your company info.
It will not come as a surprise that you can't delete this special record.

Customer Groups

You can segment your customers into various customer groups.
E.g. you can create a customer group called 'Dealers'.
You can then use discount rules to specify different prices for different customer groups.
We will show you how to create discount rules later on.

Go to: 'Contacts > Customer Group'

Example Customer Group