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User Interface

Let's start with a few of the basic User Interface features of BizFusion.
This will get you comfortable with using the system.
You can skip this section if you're already familiar with other accounting software.

Data List

All your data is stored in lists.
You can easily sort the data in a list by clicking on the column headers.

Example Customer List

Click on the delete button to delete a record.
Use the edit button to change a specific record in a list.

Search Filter

Each list also has a search bar at the bottom of the list.
Just type in a search value and select the column in which to search for the specified value.
E.g. you can filter the customer list on every person that has the last name 'Wayne'.

Example of a List Search

You can see that the list has been filtered, because it shows the text: 'Clear Filter'.
Click on 'Clear Filter' to show the complete list again.

BizFusion always remembers the last search that your performed on a list.

Record Editor

This is an example of a Customer Record in BizFusion.

Example Customer Record

All required fields have a blue left line.
The system always gives you a warning when you leave one of these fields blank.

The record also contains some tables where you can add multiple detail records.

Detail Records

You can add multiple detail records to the core customer record.
E.g. you can add multiple Addresses or Contacts to the customer record.

Just click on the 'Add Line' button to add a new detail record.

Example Detail Record

You will notice that detail records are opened in the same window as the main record.
Once you click on the OK or Cancel button, you will be returned to the main record.
E.g. if you add an Address record and click on OK, you will be returned to the
main customer record. The main customer record will show the newly added record.

Changes that you made to detail records are only saved when you click on the 'Save' button.
So don't forget to click on 'Save' after adding/editing a detail record.

Multiple Tabs

Modern browsers enable you to view the same site in multiple tabs/windows.
You can run BizFusion in multiple tabs without having to worry that you will overwrite
your data.

E.g. open the same customer record in two different tabs/windows and try to make changes to each
customer record. You will notice that the first change will succeed, but the edit in the second
tab/window will fail. BizFusion knows that you already changed the data and advises you to reopen
the record to see the changes that were made.

Example Concurrency Message