Quick Start Manual

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BizFusion Trial
User Interface
Contacts Module
Products Module
Discount Rules
Inventory Module
Sales Module
Purchase Module
Bills & Receipts
Credit note / Returns
VAT Module
VAT over margin
European Trade
Foreign Trade
VAT Shifted
US Sales Tax
VAT Correction
Assets Module
Current Account
Accounting Basics 1
Accounting Basics 2
Accounting Advanced
Year End
Owner Equity
Income Tax
Banking Module
Financial Lease
Cross Payment
CSV Statement
Data Import
Data Export
Plugin: MWW
Plugin: Shopify
Plugin: CCV Shop
Plugin: Shop Pagina
Plugin: WooCommerce
Plugin: Bol.com
Plugin: MyOnlineStore
Plugin: LightSpeed


Quick Start

So you just registered for BizFusion, but don't know where to start.
Don't worry, this manual will help you get started quickly.
The manual discusses every major module/feature in BizFusion.
This will make you a BizFusion expert in no time.

System Reset

You will create a whole lot of test data during your trial period.
That's OK, because you can easily reset your trial account.

Just go to: 'Setup > Reset Ledger' to remove all transactions from your account.

All your sales invoices, purchase invoices, shipments, returns etc. will be deleted.
Your core data, like customers and products, will remain untouched.
This way you can easily test BizFusion without having to worry about messing
up your system with test data.

BizFusion Subscription

If you're ready to start using BizFusion in production, then reset your ledger
and sign up for a BizFusion subscription.

Go to: 'Setup > Subscription' to sign up for your subscription.