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Cross Payments

What is a cross payment?
Assume that you placed an order for a 100 euro with a supplier.
Also assume that this supplier placed an order for 80 euro with your company.
The supplier suggests that you settle the amounts on the sales and purchase order.
You only need to pay the supplier the remaining 20 euro.

But how do you register this in your accounting system?
We will assume that you haven't created any payments on both the purchase
and sales invoice.

Step 1: Cross payment on purchase invoice

Open the purchase invoice and click on "Add Payment"
Select type: "Cross Payment".
The amount is 80 euro.

You can now add a *regular* payment for the remaining 20 euro.

Step 2: Cross payment on sales invoice

Open the sales invoice and click on "Add Payment".
Select type: "Cross Payment".
The amount is 80 euro.
This is the exact amount of the sales invoice.

The cross payments on the sales and purchase invoice cancel each other nicely.

Report Cross Payments

You can easily find all cross payments with report: "Cross Payments".
Go to: "Accounting > Reporting" and click on report: "Cross Payment".
Specify a period to see all the cross payments within that period.