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Banking Module

You can directly add bank payments to your financial documents.
E.g. you can add a bank payment to an expense to specify that you
paid the amount via your bank account.

So why would you need to import bank statements?
Importing your bank statements is completely optional, but it is recommended.
Most businesses use their company bank account to pay their bills.
You can easily forget to register a bill or expense if you don't pay close attention
to your bank statements. By importing your bank statements, you create a perfect paper
trail of income and expenses that should be registered in your accounting system.

Some users even wait till they receive their bank statement before they start registering their
expenses. That's why we recommend that you import/create your bank statements.

Bank Account Setup

You need to add your bank account number to your company profile before you can start importing
your electronic bank statements.

Go to: 'Accounting > Bank Statement' and click on 'Add Bank Account'.

This will open the default company in the system.
Add your company bank account and you're ready to start importing your electronic statements.

Bank Statements

You can import electronic bank statements in BizFusion.
You can import statements from the following banks: ABN-AMRO, ING Bank, Deutsche Bank & Rabo Bank.

Go to: 'Accounting > Bank Statement' and click on 'Import Statements'.

You can manually add statements if your bank doesn't provide electronic
statements in MT940 format.

Unsupported Bank

Most electronic bank statements come in a format called MT940.
This format is supported by most large banks.
Contact support if your bank is not in the list of supported banks.