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Plugin: LightSpeed E-Commerce

You can link one or more LightSpeed web shops to your accounting.
With our LightSpeed plugin, you can easily import your products, customers and orders.

NOTE: Our plugin is not an APP, but an API connector.
That's why you can't find our plugin in the LightSpeed APP store.
This page explains how you can configure and use the plugin.

Register web shop

BizFusion needs access to your web shop.
You can ask LightSpeed Support to send you an "API Key".
As a reason, you can specify that you need to link your BizFusion accounting to your web shop.

Important: you need to ask a separate API Key for each store that you wish to link.

Go to: "Setup > LightSpeed" and click on "New Record".

Specify the name of your shop.
After that, you specify the "API Key" and "API Secret" that you received from LightSpeed.

Import Products

We recommend that you start by importing your products first.
The order importer runs faster when you already imported your products.
What's more, you can only register stock when your products have already been imported.

Go to: "Setup > LightSpeed" and click on "Import Products".

You can import all your products or only those products that have been
created or updated in a certain period.
During your initial setup, you will import all your products.

Product Management

What do I need to do when I've changed the name of product?
We recommend that LightSpeed users use LightSpeed as their product master data.
So you enter all product changes in LightSpeed, and after that, you use our product importer
to synchronize all of these changes.

Import Orders

Go to: "Setup > LightSpeed" and click on "Import Invoices".

You will see the following screen.

NOTE: Only invoices of fully shipped and paid orders are imported.

- Shipments
We recommend that merchants immediately post shipments on imported orders.
You can only calculate the profit on an order when the actual goods have been sold.
So always post shipments on orders.

- Payments
If you don't automatically import your bank statements in BizFusion, then you can also
immediately post payments on invoices.

- Invoices
The imported invoices show up in your invoice list.
Go to: "Income > Invoices" to see your LightSpeed invoices.

Credit notes

It's not possible to automatically import your credit notes.
You need to manually add these.