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Plugin: Shoppagina

Shoppagina (SP) is a Dutch Web Shop solution.
SP provides an export feature that enables you to export your orders and products in CSV format.
You can then import these CSV files in BizFusion.

Register store

Register the name of your shop first.

In BizFusion, go to: 'Setup > Shoppagina' and click on 'New Record'.

Import Orders

In ShopPagina, go to: 'Webshop > Bestellingen' and click on 'Geavanceerd' in the top right corner.
You will see a set of search fields.

Example ShopPagina export:

You can now search for all orders in a certain period that have status 'Verzonden'.
For example, specify period: '2015-10*' to retrieve all orders from october.
Choose option: 'Download als CSV' and select 'Inclusief producten'.
Click on 'Uitvoeren' to save the file.

In BizFusion, go to: 'Setup > Shoppagina' and click on 'Import Orders'.

Simply provide the CSV file and click on import.

Import Products

You can import a CSV file with your ShopPagina products.
In ShopPagina, go to: 'Instellingen > Webshop' and click on tab 'Productfeeds'.
Then click on option: 'CSV'.

You will see a link that you can use to download a CSV file.
Example: http://{your-shop}/service/xml/ProductFeed/export/csv

Enter the link in your browser to download the file.

In BizFusion, go to: 'Setup > Shoppagina' and click on 'Import products'.
You can specify the CSV file here.

You can run the product import multiple times a day.
Each product is only imported once.

Product Management

We recommend that merchants use ShopPagina as their product catalogue.
You can then use the CSV import feature to import your new/updated products.