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Plugin: CCV Shop

You can link one or more 'CCV Shops' to your accounting system.
CCV Shop is the new name of 'Bied Meer Webwinkel'.

Install CCV Shop plugin

In CCV Shop go to: 'App Store > Accounting' and click on the BizFusion app/plugin.
Click on 'Install'.
Next, accept the permissions that the app/plugin requests.

You will see the following page after that.

Specify your Application code, Username and Password and click on 'Install Plugin'.

The plugin is now installed and you can start importing your orders and products.

Import Orders

Go to: 'Setup > CCV Shop > Import Orders' to import your orders.
You can find this link at the top of the list of CCV Shops.

You can immediately start importing your orders.
You don't have to import your products first.
The list of products is automatically updated when a product is found on an
order that isn't already in your list of products.

Import CCV Shop Orders

Note: only completed and paid orders will be imported.

Each order is translated into an invoice.
The system also automatically posts shipments on imported invoices.
The system knows what the purchase price was of each shipped product, this
means that your accounting system can immediately calculate your profit.

Go to: 'Income > Invoice' to see the imported orders.

Import Products

Go to: 'Setup > CCV Shop > Import Products' to import your new/edited products.
You can find this link at the top of the list of CCV Shops.

Import Products

Note: you can only create (start)stock when your products have been imported.

Variants / Options

Products can have one or more product options.
These product options are also automatically imported.

Example of an imported product

E.g. a T-Shirt has options: 'Size' and 'Color'.
Assume that we want to add option: 'Fabric' to this product.

You can always add additional options in CCV Shop, but that's not always possible in BizFusion.
If you created stock for this product in the past, then you can't add the additional option.
You need to create a new product in CCV Shop with these three options.

VAT Codes

You can use prices inclusive or exclusive VAT in CCV Shop.
BizFusion can work with both price models.

BizFusion comes pre-installed with the VAT codes for the Netherlands.
These VAT codes assume that prices are VAT inclusive.

If you use prices that are VAT *exclusive*, then the system will automatically create VAT codes
that can be used on invoices that have VAT exclusive prices.
These codes get the name 'CCV Shop Price Exclusive VAT/TAX'.
E.g. Dutch VAT High will become: 'CCV Shop Price Exclusive VAT/TAX: 21%'.