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Plugin: MWW

BizFusion has a plugin for the popular Dutch web shop solution: 'Mijnwebwinkel' (MWW).
MWW is the first web shop for which we've developed a plugin, more will follow in the future.

Register Web shop

You can link multiple MWW shops to your BizFusion account.

Go to 'Setup > Mijnwebwinkel'

You need to specify an API key for your MWW shop.
You can generate this key in MWW.
Note that BizFusion only supports version 1.1 of the MWW API.

In MWW, go to: (Dutch) 'Instellingen > Sleutelbeheer' and generate your key.

Import Products

You can import your MWW products into BizFusion.

Go to 'Setup > Mijnwebwinkel > Import Products'

You need to specify a CSV file here.
You can download this CSV file from your MWW account.

In MWW, go to: (Dutch) 'Inhoud > Voorraadbeheer' and save the CSV file.

Import Stock

Import your products before you start importing your stock.

Go to: 'Setup > Mijnwebwinkel > Import Stock'.

You specify the same CSV file that you used to import your products.

Stock value
Note: your stock value will be zero if you never registered any purchase prices in MWW.
Contact support if you registered the purchase prices in a separate Excel sheet or CSV file.

Import Orders

Now that your setup is complete, you can start importing your web shop orders.

Go to 'Setup > Mijnwebwinkel > Import Orders'

You can safely run the importer multiple times a day, because each order is only imported once.
Each order is translated into a BizFusion invoice.

You should note that we can only import data from MWW.
Changes to an imported invoice cannot be synchronized back to MWW.