API Reference
Start developing plugins for BizFusion.


Setup API

Go to: 'Setup > API Key' to create a key that will enable your program to access the system.

API Location
The API is accessible from the following location:

Note that the API is only accessible over https connections.
You need to specify the following data in the URL: {YOUR_APP_CODE}
This is the app code that you use to login on BizFusion.
Your application code looks like: 'BIZ1234'.

API Security

You always need to specify the API user and API key with each request that you make.

Example of an API request for all products:

{API_USER}: The username that is linked to the API Key.
{API_KEY}: The API key that you generated during setup.
{YOUR_APP_CODE}: Your application code.

The API User is automatically blocked after three failed login attempts.

Account Locks

We recommend that you create a new user for each API key that you register.
Do not link the main/default user to an API key.

User accounts get automatically blocked after three failed login attempts.
You can unblock a user account by requesting a new password.