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Transaction documents, like invoices, need to be translated into Journal Entries.
When you save a transaction document, you automatically 'post' it to the accounting system.
The posting process transforms the transaction document into the proper journal entry.

The following objects are created during the posting process:

1. A Journal Entry object that contains the ledger accounts to adjust.
2. A Journal Transaction object that links the Journal Entry to the transaction document.

This means that each posted document has a linked Journal Transaction object.
This is important, because we need the Journal Transaction ID of an object before we can do any
further processing on it. E.g. you need this ID if you want to link a payment to your invoice.


You can only link payments to posted transaction documents.
The payment object requires you to specify the Journal Transaction Id of the document
that needs to be linked to the payment.

E.g. call url: '/api/InvoiceSet/JournalTransactionId?id=1234' to retrieve the
journal transaction id of invoice '1234'.

You can then specify this value in the 'ForJournalTransactionId' field of the payment object.


You can't change a document that has been 'Posted' to the accounting system.
You need to use the 'Unpost' method to change the document back into a concept document.

E.g. call: 'api/InvoiceSet/Unpost?Id=123' to unpost invoice: 123.

There is no explicit 'Post' method.
Documents are automatically posted when you save them.

Warning: it's not always possible to unpost a document.
E.g: if the VAT on an invoice has been remitted, then it's no longer possible to unpost the invoice.
You need to unpost the VAT statement before you can unpost the document.