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Purchase Invoice Line (PurchaseInvoiceLineDTO)

A purchase line contains the product that you ordered, but not the selected options.
Use a 'Purchase Variant' to specify the selected product options.

E.g. you register the purchase of a T-Shirt on a purchase line, but the ordered Size and Color values
are registered on the Purchase Variant record.

The following relationship exists between purchase invoices and variants:
Purchase Invoice > Purchase Invoice Line > Purchase Variant > Variant Value > Variant

property data type reference
PurchaseInvoiceLineId Int32 Primary Key
PurchaseInvoiceId Int32 PurchaseInvoiceDTO
ProductId Int32 ProductDTO
Quantity Int32
Price Decimal
VatLineId Int32 VatLineDTO
Timestamp String
PurchaseVariant Array of: PurchaseVariantDTO

method parameters URL
Int32 id
Int32 pageIndex, Int32 recordsPerPage
String field, String value
Int32 id
Int32 id

JSON sample
  "Timestamp": "AQIDJg==",
  "PurchaseInvoiceLineId": 1,
  "PurchaseInvoiceId": 1,
  "ProductId": 2,
  "Quantity": 50,
  "Price": 5.0,
  "VatLineId": 1,
  "PurchaseVariant": [
      "PurchaseVariantId": 1,
      "PurchaseInvoiceLineId": 1,
      "VariantValueId": 5,
      "Timestamp": "AQIDJw=="

General Info

- Numbers should be in English format: 124.99
- Dates look like: 2014-12-31T00:00:00
- Time information is ignored.
- Concurrency is handled through timestamps

Create Record (POST)

- Primary keys are not required when doing a post.
- Timestamps are not required when doing a post.
- Provide the JSON record in the body of the post request.

Update Record (PUT)

- Timestamps are required.
- Provide the JSON record in the body of the put request.

Delete Record (DELETE)

- Primary key and Timestamp are required.