API Reference
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Invoice Line (InvoiceLineDTO)

An invoice line contains the product that the customer ordered, but not the selected options.
Use an 'Invoice Variant' to specify the selected product options.

E.g. you register the sale of a T-Shirt on an invoice line, but the ordered Size and Color values
are registered on the Invoice Variant record.

The following relationship exists between invoices and variants:
Invoice > Invoice Line > Invoice Variant > Variant Value > Variant

property data type reference
Timestamp String
InvoiceLineId Int32 Primary Key
InvoiceId Int32 InvoiceDTO
ProductId Int32 ProductDTO
Description String
Quantity Int32
Price Decimal
VatLineId Int32 VatLineDTO
InvoiceVariant Array of: InvoiceVariantDTO

method parameters URL
Int32 id
Int32 pageIndex, Int32 recordsPerPage
String field, String value
Int32 id
Int32 id

JSON sample
  "InvoiceLineId": 0,
  "InvoiceId": 1,
  "ProductId": 1,
  "Description": "Playstation 4",
  "Quantity": 1,
  "Price": 299.0,
  "VatLineId": 1,
  "Timestamp": "AQIDGA==",
  "InvoiceVariant": []

General Info

- Numbers should be in English format: 124.99
- Dates look like: 2014-12-31T00:00:00
- Time information is ignored.
- Concurrency is handled through timestamps

Create Record (POST)

- Primary keys are not required when doing a post.
- Timestamps are not required when doing a post.
- Provide the JSON record in the body of the post request.

Update Record (PUT)

- Timestamps are required.
- Provide the JSON record in the body of the put request.

Delete Record (DELETE)

- Primary key and Timestamp are required.