API Reference
Start developing plugins for BizFusion.



The primary goal of the BizFusion API is to enable third party developers to integrate external
systems with BizFusion. The API doesn’t provide access to every function in BizFusion.
This was also never our intention. We wanted to create a simple API that a wide variety of
developers could understand and use. That’s why we kept our API “lean”.

Our API enables third party developers to create plugins on top of BizFusion.
We would like to see them develop plugins in the following areas:

* Point of Sale (POS)
* Online auction integration (EBay etc.)
* Payroll
* Web Shop
* Financial Reporting (XBRL)
* RFID Tags for Stock Information

These are just suggestions, but the sky is the limit.
We will feature interesting plugins on our site, so be sure to tell us all about the amazing
plugins that you created with our API.

Our API is not static. We value feedback and will use it to perfect our API.
Are you missing access to a certain feature or function? Just drop us an email and we will
certainly consider your suggestions.