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Software Developers should use our Web Shop Module

Date: 2-4-2012
Author: S. Ramasray

Software Developers should use our Web Shop Module

BizFusion is online accounting software that’s geared towards freelancers and small
businesses. Retailers and wholesalers love us, because we provide a completely integrated
inventory solution. But we don’t only cater to companies that sell physical goods.
As developers, we also like to help our fellow “Independent Software Vendors” (ISV) out.

Example Web Shop

We recently added the ability to sell digital products in your BizFusion shop.
This feature enables music artists to sell their digital “ear candy” online.
And yes, this was possible before BizFusion existed, but we have a few key distinguishing
features that separate us from the rest of the pack.

Each sale in your BizFusion shop is automatically registered in your accounting system.
This means that each sales order is automatically translated into the proper journal entries
and posted to your ledger. You don’t see any of this as a user, it all happens “magically”.
This “auto magic” posting is an incredibly powerful feature to have.
You no longer need to hire an accountant to crunch these web sales.
This saves you a lot of time and money.

We always say that comic book artists and music artists should use our software to sell their
digital creations online, but software developers can also get the same benefits by using our
Web Shop module. A lot of people tell me that software developers will probably just download
a free web shop solution, like osCommerce, and simply use that to sell their software.
They have the IT skills to run, install and configure a web shop. So why would they go for our
solution? Sure, they could do that, but getting a web shop up and running is only half the equation.

Software vendors also need to register their sales orders in an accounting package. And we often
hear that small ISV-s manually enter their web sales in their accounting package.
And that’s just nuts! You’re a developer, so we can’t believe that you’re proud of this “gum and spit”
solution for running your business. And yes, most developers think that this is a wonky solution, but
they also argue that fully integrated business software costs a ransom.
And they don’t feel like sacrificing their first born, just to get access to business/accounting software.

We understand where they’re coming from. We were freelance developers once too, so we know
that business software vendors charge crazy amounts of money for their software.
That’s why we set out to do thing differently. BizFusion Studio costs only 10 euro p/month.
That’s stupendously cheap. And guess what, our Web Shop module comes with every version
of BizFusion. So for only 10 euro p/month you have an online shop with integrated accounting

Wrap Up
There are millions of “tiny” ISV-s out there that have created handy tools and products that they
want to sell online. These vendors can make a flying start by going for a completely integrated
online solution like BizFusion. So give our web shop module a spin.
You can find a demo shop here: Demo Games Shop.

Just give BizFusion a try. We provide everyone one free account, so you have nothing to lose.
Also watch our online
Demo to get a quick impression of BizFusion.

Sailesh Ramasray
Founder / Developer BizFusion

Learn Marketing from a Chinese Emperor

Date: 23-8-2011
Author: S. Ramasray

Learn Marketing from a Chinese Emperor

Are services like Klout the silver bullet in advertising or is TV still the favorite
weapon of marketers?

The Art of War

A Chinese emperor once asked one of his generals a very basic question.
He said: “General, how many soldiers do you think that I can lead into battle?”
The general took a moment to think about it and said; “One hundred soldiers”.

The emperor was clearly surprised at this number and asked with a devious smile:
“And how many men can you lead into battle, General?”
The General said, without any hesitation, “One thousand men”.

The emperor was clearly surprised by his frank answer and said:
“So you think that you’re a better commander than your own emperor, do you?
Do you think that you are more powerful than me?”
The general smiled and said: “The power of the emperor is not based on the amount
of soldiers he can lead, but the number of generals that he can command.”

The emperor was clearly happy with that answer and laughed heartedly.
And the general got to walk away with this head attached to his neck.

Marketing is Influencing

Marketers love to broadcast their message to anyone and everyone.
They blab their message across radios and television sets and hope that their intended
audience hasn’t gone to the bathroom.

We’ve been told that it’s far more effective to influence people that are influencers themselves.
You should focus 100% of your attention on this small group and use them to influence the
large masses.

That’s the reason why innovative marketers are going gaga over services like ‘Klout’.
Klout is a service that measures the ‘Clout’ or influence that a person has on the web.
They hope that the people with a high level of ‘Klout’ will be the generals that they are
looking for. Command the generals and you have command over an entire army.

But the big question is; are people with a high clout score really generals?

A general has troops. Soldiers must listen to their general and they must obey his commands.
But we don’t have this type of relationship with people that we follow on social networks
like Twitter. The Klout service cannot tell you who is a general on Twitter.
Klout has a nice feature where they categorize people into various groups like:
talkers, link sharer etc, but they don’t have the description of general.
Klout simply cannot measure this type of relationship.

Persistent Message

Marketing is also about persistently hammering a message to death.
Buy cleaning brand X, because cleaning brand X cleans your sink better than all others.
A single Tweet about brand X will not convince anyone to start using cleaning brand X.
This message must become part of the unconscious mind of the listener.
In other words, the message must stick with them.

A single tweet is simply not enough for that to happen. It would be more interesting if
a whole lot of people tweeted about brand X and it would be even more interesting if they
persistently tweeted about it. But people that constantly broadcast advertising on Twitter are
simply annoying.


There are no Chinese generals on Twitter, only Peking Ducks. And boy, do those ducks quack!
But talking is not the same as leading. That’s why it’s really hard to influence large audiences
on Twitter. Marketing messages only hit home once a person has been told that cleaning
brand X truly is the number one cleaning brand for a very long time.
That’s why persistent hammering simply beats the occasional Tweet from a ‘though leader’ on

And that’s why TV is still king in advertising and the reason why cable companies are the
‘TRUE’ Chinese generals. Like a drill sergeant, they drill a message through your skull and turn
you into a true soldier.

Sailesh Ramasray
Founder / Developer BizFusion

Comment Marketing

Date: 21-12-2010
Author: S. Ramasray

Comment Marketing
Comment Marketing is a great way to get some free advertising on the internet.

You need to actively communicate with potential customers to get your brand name out there.
You don’t even need to restrict yourself to discussions about your product or industry.
Just make sure that your name gets out there in cyber space.
Comment Marketing is a perfect way to inform people about you and your product.

BizFusion participates in forums for entrepreneurs.
We try to answer questions from starting entrepreneurs in the more heavily used forums.
We show our expertise by answering questions in the categories accounting and software.
Because each response contains our signature, which has a link to our web site, we
create free advertisement with each question that we answer.
Just make sure that you don’t promote your own product in your answers.
People aren’t stupid, they will put two and two together and they will see your signature.

Most forums allow you to put the name/link of your (commercial) web site in your forum signature.
This creates a back link to your web site. And this is great for your Google page ranking.
The more links that go back to your website, the higher Google thinks of you.
So helping others leads to increased Google Karma Points.

Off Topic Comments
We also participate in off topic discussions on various blogs.
This proves that we are not just doing comments for inbound links and brand promotion.
You don’t even have to mention your brand name in blog comments.
A lot of commenting systems allow you to specify a link to your web site.
If someone finds your insights meaningful, then they will surely click through to your site.

I posted a link to this blog post; “RockMelt will Melt Down” on multiple tech blogs in Holland and this lead to
an increase in traffic to the BizFusion blog and site. The link even got re-tweeted a lot.
I also posted a link/comment about the game Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood on a newly
founded gaming site. This shows that I am into gaming and I shared/engaged in an off topic
discussion about the game Assassin’s Creed.

The visitors of these pages were not interested in BizFusion per se, but we did plant the seeds
of the BizFusion brand in their brains.
They have now seen and heard of us. Just like with broadcast advertisements and they may
even refer us to others in the future.

These off topic links never lead to any conversions on the site, but I do believe that they planted
the BizFusion brand name into a larger group of people. At some point the network effect will
kick in and we will start to see visitors that come to our site via word-of-mouth advertising and
friend mentions.

Personal Branding
Commenting is also a sure fire way to get your personal brand out there.
People don’t do business with a web site, but with other people.
By commenting on various news articles and blogs all over the internet, you
create a network of information that builds a picture of you and your company.
This puts a human face on you and/or your company.

Wrap Up
A comment section on a blog or other web site is a marketing opportunity.
A simple engagement can put your name or company name into the brains of a larger
group of individuals. This will eventually lead to a network effect.

Sailesh Ramasray
Founder / Developer BizFusion

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