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The Thing that Motivates Startups

Date: 8-8-2014
Author: S. Ramasray

The Thing that Motivates Startups

I recently started re-watching HBO’s Silicon Valley. One thing about the show really stuck out.
The show portrays startups as delusional entities that believe that they can change the world.

Mike Judge’s show Silicon Valley thinks that startups want to make the world “a better place”.
I will let them in on a little secret. We don’t care about changing the world or making it a better place.
Changing the world is the furthest thing from our minds.
Most startups simply want to create something that other people will use.
That’s it!

We derive a shit load of pleasure from knowing that other people use our software to make some part
of their lives more productive or fun.

A gathering of nerds

Startup founders aren’t dreamers that have grand designs on changing the course of the world.
When it does happen, it’s simply by accident.
Twitter didn’t set out to become the preferred communication tool of oppressed people in the
Middle East. It was there, it was easy to use and it was free.

That’s why the revolution wasn’t televised, fuck no, it was Tweeted!

Wrap Up
BizFusion is accounting software. There’s nothing sexy about it.
We exist to make the live of fellow entrepreneurs a bit more productive and fun.
It’s what keeps us ticking.

Sailesh Ramasray
Founder / Developer BizFusion

Halt and Catch Fire Season One Finale

Date: 6-8-2014
Author: S. Ramasray

Halt and Catch Fire Season One Finale

The season finale of Halt and Catch Fire made the case for the company 'Pusher'.
The season finale was a definite 8 on a 10 point scale!

We all know that a PC company needs hardware wizards and code monkeys in order to work, but a
successful PC company also has a 'Pusher'. Joe MacMillan is Cardiff Electric's Pusher.
Joe isn't the visionary. He isn't the guy that dreams up the future.
He simply can't, because he knows too little about software and hardware to see where the future
of technology is going. But Joe is most definitely a pusher.

A pusher is a guy that pushes other people to bring their A game. He’s the opposite of a Muse.
He’s your dad screaming at you, saying that you can do better than the crap that you’re currently
delivering. Without a pusher, you get a product that is simply good enough.
It was Joe that pushed Gordon and Cameron into delivering a computer that was:
“Twice as fast at half the price”.

Cameron was pissed that they scrapped her interactive operating system.
That’s why she decided to start her own little tech company called: “Mutiny”.
It will be fun to see if Mutiny survives. My guess: it's dead in the water.
Here's a group of coders that are unsupervised and are working for free!
Mutiny will soon realize that they need money and connections to bring their product to market.
They need people like MacMillan and Bosworth, people that have connections to distribution channels.

Welcome to Mutiny

This episode felt like a tribute to Steve Jobs. Everyone tries to frame Steve as the great visionary that
saved Apple and revitalized the computer industry, but all of Apple's products were iterations on
existing products. Steve’s ability to torture, bully and glamour others into delivering their A game, is
what made Apple so successful. This ability became known as Job’s “reality distortion field”.

So Steve Jobs was the ultimate Pusher. He had the gift of bringing out the excellence in others.
He had the unique ability to make people believe that they could accomplish the unthinkable.
Something like: building a product that has twice the speed and half the price of existing products.

What’s the next big thing going to be for Cardiff? Season two will tell us.

AMC will definitely renew this show. This show has Mad Men potential.
The hard truth is that Mad Men never gained a large viewer audience.
A show like The Walking Dead grabs far more viewers than Mad Men ever did, but Mad Men has
received a lot of critical acclaim over the years. TV execs love a show that everyone is rabid about and
H&CF definitely has Mad Men potential. Besides, H&CF is probably a show that doesn’t cost a whole
lot to produce. So a renewal is definitely in the books.

Wrap Up
The three main characters on this show will soon realize that they need each other in order to
succeed. And that’s what a company is all about. It’s a group of people that is working together to
accomplish a goal that each one of them could never achieve on their own.

Sailesh Ramasray
Founder / Developer BizFusion

AdWord Budgets Drained

Date: 1-8-2014
Author: S. Ramasray

AdWord Budgets Drained

Botnets are wonderful things. They can be used to generate fake traffic to your web site and a recent
story on Pando daily showed that botnets can also be used to drain the AdWord budgets of your
competitors. Brian Krebs, of ‘Krebs on Security’, interviewed the operator of such a botnet.
He (or she) operates under the name Good Google and provides a service where you can target specific
AdWord campaigns of your competitors. This enables you to take (steal?) the top position in Google
search results.

I really like this story! Why? I never used AdWords for BizFusion, because the most interesting keywords
like: ‘Accounting’ and ‘Bookkeeping’ cost a massive 25 dollar per click! And that’s just insanity.
We simply can’t afford to start an AdWords campaign. That’s when a little devil appeared on my
shoulder and said: Why don’t we pay a whole lot of people in India to click on the ads of our competitors
and drain their marketing budgets? Haha, it was a wonderfully devilish idea, but we decided to go with
an SEO strategy instead. The Good Google guys decided to listen to their inner devil.

Both SEO and AdWords are dead end strategies for BizFusion.
AdWords are a dead end, because they are simply too costly for our particular segment.
Our SEO work does generate traffic to our site, but this traffic results in very little conversion.
That’s why SEO is also a dead end. So what is the best way to attract customers to your company?
Where do you get your initial customers from? Your friends and family are, almost always, your first
customers. The second stage of growth is achieved by getting friends of your family and friends of
friends to sign up for your service/product. So what is stage three of growth? Hell, I don’t know.
I’m still figuring that one out, but one thing is definitely true: this is the most difficult stage of growth.
And if you can figure this one out, then the sky is the limit.

Wrap Up
Who are those people that keep buying Google AdWords?
I have never, ever clicked on an AdWords link and I have never intentionally clicked on a banner ad.
So it has always amazed me that Google was making billions of dollars on selling AdWords.
The media is making the case that most of their revenue is generated by botnets.
The evidence for that is piling up.

Sailesh Ramasray
Founder / Developer BizFusion

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